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Wellence Mujuru on Sunday morning wrote warning about how the Gospel music industry has become cheap. He spoke on how the trade is now just for entertainment rather than worship and artistes who “enter this industry lose their morality.”

His Facebook post comes against a backdrop of many cases of immorality in the community.

By Wellence Mujuru | The sad thing is that gospel music is seen as an “industry” and does not serve its purpose of praising and worshipping God but:

1. Makes a name for people

2. Everyone with a voice enters irrespective of character

3. It is used as competition against one another

4. Some use drugs to enhance performance (we know of some who have since died due to this)

5. Entertains people

6. People “enjoy” worship. Who is supposed to enjoy worship? Who is being worshipped?

7. Sexual impurities are rife there. Some children who enter this industry lose their morality. Some are using it to get girls.

Let us go back to basics. Preach the good news of salvation. Glorify Jesus. Walk in the power of the Blood.