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Grace Mugabe ally’s military coup claims are ‘rantings of a bitter professor’, Zim govt says

Harare – The Zimbabwean government has reportedly hit out at former minister of higher education Professor Jonathan Moyo over claims he made on a BBC current affairs programme that former president Robert Mugabe was ousted by a “military coup”.

Moyo, who spoke to BBC’s Hardtalk from an undisclosed location after he slipped out of the country when the army took over control last year, said that Zimbabwe’s new president Emmerson Mnangagwa stole power and was leading an “illegal regime”.

“Mnangagwa and [Vice President Constantino] Chiwenga, they know only too well that they have come into power via the bullet and not the ballot,” Moyo said. 

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Only a ‘minority’ disliked Grace Mugabe: ex-minister

Harare – Only a minority of Zimbabweans disliked Grace Mugabe and the military intervention that saw her expelled from the ruling party has reduced Zimbabwe to a “banana republic”, a former cabinet minister has said.

Jonathan Moyo said it was “unprofessional” for the army led by Constantino Chiwenga to intervene in November just because they didn’t like the former first lady.

Grace Mugabe

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Africa travel blogger: South Africans ‘are spoiled, mostly ungrateful’ compared to other Africans

Cape Town – South Africa’s Katchie Nzama has travelled to so many countries across the African continent. News24’s Africa editor Betha Madhomu speaks to her about her experiences and future plans.

When and how did the idea of travelling around Africa and blogging about it come about?

Katchie: I had always travelled around the continent, but the blog came to life in May 2014. It just couldn’t be an ordinary travel blog like all the others. This one had to stand out from the rest. It had to make a difference. A difference more than just providing affordable travel options… it had to make a difference in educating and sharing more about our continent. It was a way to live out my curiosity about our continent and share it with the world.

Katchie Nzama

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Africa startled by Trump’s sudden and vulgar attention

Johannesburg – Africans woke up on Friday to find President Donald Trump had finally taken an interest in their continent. It wasn’t what people had hoped for.

Using vulgar language, Trump on Thursday questioned why the US would accept more immigrants from Haiti and “shithole countries” in Africa rather than places like Norway in rejecting a bipartisan immigration deal.

African governments quickly found themselves in an awkward position. As top recipients of US aid, some hesitated to jeopardise it by criticising Trump, especially as his administration has sought to slash foreign assistance.

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PICS: Violence in Zambia over retail ban to combat cholera

Lusaka – Police in Zambia clashed on Friday with residents in the capital Lusaka protesting an official ban on street commerce in a poor suburb intended to tackle a deadly cholera outbreak.

A crowd of hundreds from the impoverished Kanyama community blockaded roads with burning tyres and logs and set a refuse lorry ablaze as they demanded that informal street retailing be allowed again.

Authorities had banned some street markets in Lusaka in an effort to reduce the volume of food and drink being sold in unsanitary open-air locations, which are particularly vulnerable to the spread of cholera.

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