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Watch LIVE as politician Albert Matapo analyses the CCTV footage of the bloody attack against Jonathan Moyo and Savior Kasukuwere before their great escape to exile, on the night of the 15 November coup.

Takudzwa Chiwara,  President Emmerson Mnangagwa has hinted that the G40 cabal wanted to stall the command agriculture as it had proven to be a successful project to feed the nation.

President Mnangagwa made these claims while addressing chiefs at the traditional leader’s indaba in Gweru today.

“Ndaifamba nezve command agriculture gore rakapera apa. (I spearheaded and coordinated the Command Agriculture programme last year.)” said President Mnangagwa.
“Nyaya ye command yayapinda njodzi. Ichibva kune vanhu vakanga vasingade kuti iitwe. Dzatova ndangariro. Tinovimba kuti zvichava zvazvaiva kana kutopfuura. (Command Agriculture was facing challenges from those who wanted to stall it. It’s now the past. We hope to make it viable again or even to surpass.  I support command agriculture and command livestock and fisheries.”

In 2016, government targeted to produce 2 million tonnes of maize under the Command Agriculture scheme.

G40 cabal’s; mainly, Grace Mugabe and Jonathan Moyo discredited the Command Agriculture programme last year.