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Allan Wenyika | This time Jonso (Jonathan Moyo) is setting the pace from a secure and well hidden location, thanks to Cde Constantino Chiwenga who turned Musorobhangu into a great sniper after staging the November 15 coup which transformed him into a later day version of Che Guevara.

Gatekeepers of the coup government and their footsoldiers on social media have embarked on a massive damage control exercise after Jonso appeared suddenly from nowhere and fired a volley of hard hitting factual bullets that has sent them scurrying for cover and looking for targets to fire back at in a blind counteroffensive onslaught at a target that has already retreated. Jonso is already done, at least for now, and is back into his cave until we’re ready with another round of junta hunting.

And there I was telling people that Jonso was probably dead. Silly me, but how else could we keep the people’s attention on the imminent attack of a clueless junta without compromising anybody on the mission. Allan Wenyikahad to disappear from Facebook and Twitter exactly 48 hours before Cde Jonso pressed the trigger on Hard Talk, coming back after a great successful hunt to assess the damage and preparing reports for future historians. And the damage doesn’t look too good. In fact it’s total carnage.

George Charamba was the most confused and disoriented after Jonso’s well aimed salvoes at their coup regime, particularly at a certain crocodile. In his confusion, Charamba Manheru ended up spewing ridiculous gibberish to newspapers, in one instance suggesting that ED and Constantino went to Morgiza’s house to be asked by Morgiza to delay elections for at least three years. I didn’t believe he could end up ignoring common knowledge that it’s the junta gvt, not Tshanglayi, which is in desperate need of legitimacy, after they robbed power from Robert.

There is no confusion comparable to that of a presidential spokesman who tells people ridiculous things after their desperate mission to buy legitimacy from Tshanglayi got exposed by Musorobhangu on Hard Talk. But Charamba is not the normal spin doctor. He was crazy enough to tell the world that Tshanglayi was even asked to put into writing his request for a three year extension of the coup government while he recovers from colon cancer. Jonso sure makes some people do and say ridiculous things. Who remembers Dr Amai telling everyone that she would ask them to vote for Sekuru’s coffin if he happened to kick the bucket before elections? It’s called the Jonso Effect.

The zenith of the junta’s confusion after Jonso’s hard talking bullets on Hard Talk was to see them giving hero’s status to a born free Lacoste thug who died in a mysterious traffic accident, as a reward for having the guts to boo a female politician at a rally. None of them had those guts at the time and they now think anyone who had the guts to boo feared politicians at rallies deserves hero’s status. I wonder what Constantino’s status would be for booing Mugabe using a gun like he did.

I must go, there are things and work to do. The birth of a new opposition dispensation is not childs play.