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Ray Nkosi | Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba has made claims that exiled politician Jonathan Moyo abandoned his family under the care of former President Robert Mugabe.

Charamba said as he responded to Moyo’s BBC’s Hard Talk interview, “I don’t know about any death warrant. He (Moyo) ran away from his family and left them in the hands of a 93-year-old, at the Blue Roof (Mugabe’s private mansion)” said Charamba.

“Remember I was part of the negotiations (after the military coup and the period preceding Mugabe’s resignation) and the question that kept coming up was the former President saying ‘we don’t even know what to do with this large family he (Moyo) left in our hands.

 “It’s not manly to desert one’s family, or is it? Moyo actually put a death warrant on his family,” Charamba said. Moyo has in the past publicly thanked Mugabe and his wife for saving his life.