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By Paul Nyathi|Renowned church leader and human rights defender award winning Bishop Ancelimo Magaya has taken swipe at President Emerson Mnangagwa imploring on him to stop behaving like his predecessor Robert Mugabe.

Bishop Magaya said this while assessing a press conference organised by the Divine Destiny Ministries a coalition of churches which he founded and leads held in Harare on Thursday.

“We implore on President Mnangagwa to move away from Mugabe’s culture of violence, arbitrary arrest of people who are exercising their constitutional right to demonstrate and rigging of elections,” said Magaya.

Magaya condemned Mnangagwa for failing to adhere to the constitition by allowing the arrest of eight Mthwakazi Republic Party youth who were arrested for demonstrating calling on him to attend to the Gukurahundi issues.

The outspoken Bishop also condemned Mnangagwa for the on going arrests on members of the ZANU PF G40 faction on corruption charges claiming that even amongst Mnangagwa’s own Lacoste faction there are many people who need to be arrested on similar charges.

“Mnangagwa must exhibit fairness in dealing with corruption if he wants to end it by arresting even those in his faction,” said Magaya.

He further took swipe at the Zimbabwe Defence Forces demanding that they come clean on the their Operation Restore Legacy and tell the country how many people were killed in the process.

“The army must give us a full report on who were casualties, who were arrested and all in their process,” he said.

Magaya is known for his very hard stance against government on issues human rights abuses. He has been arrested several times before for continually challenging former President Robert Mugabe.