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By Own Correspondent |The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) said it had registered 4.9 million potential voters and doubted that it would reach the initially projected target of seven (7) million.

“That was an ambition which was a bit misplaced and rather extravagant,7 million in the context of the population of Zimbabwe is too far  and we cannot achieve that,” Acting ZEC chairperson, Emmanuel Magade in Harare this week.

Commissioner Magade said the initially projected 7 million would be attained in December 2018 well after the election date.

“We were basing on Zimstats figures availed to us that were projecting that the number of people who would be illegible to register to vote as at December 2018 would be 7 million and mind you we have not arrived at that date of December 2018  and its about a year away or at least 11 months away,” he said.

“ By international standards if you register between 70% and 75% of your targeted population that is very good, so 4.9 million as we have done at the moment is very good and realistically we are aiming at registering 5.5 million voters by the time BVR closes,” he said.

Meanwhile, the BVR blitz which ended this week has been extended by another month to allow those who were left out of the process to register to vote in this year’s elections.