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Terrence Mawawa| There was pandemonium at the Kwekwe Magistrates Court when an accused person ran amok and threatened to assault the magistrate.

In a rare dramatic that happened last Tuesday the Presiding Magistrate Story Rushambwa scurried for cover after the accused person went berserk and threatened to beat him up for continuously questioning him.

Albert Duche who was in the dock to answer to charges of unlawful entry and malicious damage to property became angry and threatened to beat up Magistrate Rushambwa saying he was tired of his continuous and irritating questioning.

The Magistrate asked Duche why he committed the offence as he sought clarity from the him

This, however, did not go down well with Duche who turned violent, grabbed the microphone stand which he threw towards the magistrate.

As if that was not enough he aggressively grabbed the remaining parts of the microphone and sound equipment and threw them into the gallery – scattering papers in the process. People who were in the gallery were forced to scamper for cover.

Prison officers, however, reacted swiftly, apprehended the accused and whisked him away.