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Farai D Hove| Pensioners will this year get bonuses timed for Christmas time.

The National Social Security Authority (NSSA) says pensioners will get the double disbursement after the authority made a $100 million surplus.

NSSA says it managed to grow funds under its portfolio which grew by more than $100 million from the same period a year earlier.

“Taking all this into consideration, the Board (using its discretion) has approved a bonus payment equivalent to a 13th cheque to all pensioners with their December 2017 pension,” the NSSA board chairperson Mr Robin Vela was quoted by the state media saying.

Pensioners have for years complained that their payments are too small and in one ZimEye program earlier this year they demanded audience with the then Minister of Labour.

Meanwhile Vela’s made this announcement in a fourth-quarter statement for 2017 saying the bonus will be paid to all registered pensioners under the Pension and Other Benefits Scheme (POBS) and the Accident Prevention and Workers Compensation Scheme (APWCS). POBS covers retirement pensioners, invalidity pensioners and survivor pensioners. APWCS caters for workers’ pensioners, widow or widower pensioners, children and other beneficiaries.