Woman caged 8 years after 'searching' for hubby's sperm in maid's privates – New Zimbabwe.com

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A HARARE mother of three was last week caged eight years after she was convicted of shoving her hand into her housemaid’s privates in search of her husband’s sperm.

Angela Mbada of Budiriro was facing assault and indecent assault charges.

She landed in the dock after she inserted her hands into her maid’s privates suspecting that she had had sex with her husband.

Mbada will, however, serve four years effective behind the bars after magistrate Elijah Makomo suspended the other half on condition of good behaviour.

She was warned and cautioned on another charge of assault.

Prosecutor Molyn Mavhondo Mutamangira proved that on October 8 this year Mbada returned home from work and found her husband’s wet clothes on the floor in their bedroom.

She then then accused the maid of sleeping with her husband saying the odour in the house confirmed her suspicions.

She ordered the 15 year old girl to lie down before she removed her undies.

She then shoved her fingers into the girl’s privates to check if she had sexual intercourse with her husband.

Mbada went on to assault the teenager all over her body with open hands.

The following day she fired the maid who went to her relatives who helped her to report the case.

Mbada denied the offences arguing that she only ordered her maid to remove her panties only to discover the underwear was wet suggesting sexual activity.

But in aggravation, Mutamangira urged the court to send Mbada to prison saying she abused a vulnerable girl whose parents reside in South Africa.

In passing his ruling, Makomo said what Mbada did was unexpected from a mother who also has a girl child.

He said such cases were on the rise so it was critical that the court sends a clear message to would be offenders by caging Mbada.