Wet spell to trigger mosquito breeding

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Chronicle Reporter
The Meteorological Services Department yesterday warned that the country will experience wet spells and warm conditions this year, with temperatures creating a conducive environment for mosquitoes to breed.

“We are advising that the current wet spell and warm conditions will create a conducive environment for proliferation of mosquitoes,” reads the statement.

“The public, particularly in malaria prone areas, should take necessary precautions, where possible fill-up potholes which allow stagnation of water in these potential of becoming breeding areas of mosquitoes.”

According to MSD, rains which fell across the country recently were light with notable quantites of 12mm being recorded at Harare Belvedere, 8mm at Mukandi and Kariba 7mm.

The department said the cold system that had been affecting the country in the past few days has since shifted to the extreme north-eastern parts of the country, covering all three Mashonaland Provinces.

“On November 30 (yesterday) we expected sunny conditions with brief cloudy periods in all Mashonaland Provinces and Harare Metropolitan, isolated afternoon and thundershowers were not ruled out,” the statement reads.

MSD also said clear skies were expected across the rest of the country while daytime temperature were forecast to be warmer.