African Dream Goes Three Weeks On The Road But Faces No Cries

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Staff Reporter | Motorists travelling on the Harare to Masvingo, Masvingo to Bulawayo and eventually Bulawayo to Victoria Falls Highways are enjoying a rare spectacle as a 157 tonne house boat makes its way from Harare to Botswana via Victoria Falls.

The huge house boat named African Dream built by GDI Industries in Harare is the biggest house boat to be built in the country.

The house boat being carried in a huge truck will be on the road for three weeks having left Harare for Masvingo last Sunday.

Members of the crew manning the movement of the boat told that the transporters opted to take the longer route to Victoria Falls through Masvingo and Bulawayo to reduce the traffic congestion on the busy Harare Bulawayo highway.

According to the crew, the boat will make its way to the Zambezi River in Victoria Falls in Kazungula then sail through to the Chobe River to Maun in Botswana where it will be stationed.

Amongst the crew are technicians from the Zimbabwe Electricity Power Company who are involved in cutting and reconnecting electrical cables as it finds its way thorough.

The movement of the boat has been subjecting towns and communities along its way to hours of electricity cuts.

Motorists on the highways are also having to endure slight detours and delays to allow the huge boat to pass through.

Despite the huge inconvenience, motorists and citizens who spoke to said they did not mind much on the inconvenience as they enjoyed moments to take photos of the massive construction.