Mzembi Stop Your Arrogance – Opinion

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Patrick Guramatunhu | You are Zimbabwe’s new Minister of Foreign Affairs, your attempt to rewrite the country’s history is totally unacceptable,stick to your brief!

Zanu PF members are fighting each other over which faction should succeed Mugabe like different clan hyenas fighting over prime hunting territory. But when it comes to elections, all Zanu PF members, across the factional divide, know that for the party to retain power it must rig next year’s elections, just as it has rigged past elections. On national elections all Zanu PF members sing the same verse and in perfect harmony; it is the hyenas, regardless of clan, teaming up to fight off the lions from the face of the earth, if they could!

“Let us not look forward to these organisations for guidance. Zimbabwe has the best expertise in conduction credible elections,” answered the newly appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs, Walter Mzembi.

He was replying to the question whether Zimbabwe would allow foreign election observers to next year’s elections. If the MDC MP who asked the question thought expected to catch the new Minister off guard and reply, “Zimbabwe has nothing to hide and all those wishing to observe our elections are free to do so!” that was not to be.

Of course, every Zanu PF member knows that the party has managed to stay in power all these last 37 years because it has been rigging the vote. Indeed, the party has been doing it for so long now that party members regard it as their God given right.

“You can’t expect us to reform ourselves out of power,” boasted Professor Jonathan Moyo when he was pressured on the need to implement democratic reforms to ensure free, fair and credible elections.

Of course, if you are going to rig the elections; the last thing you want is have some smart Aleck telling the world you rigged the elections and producing the documentary evidence to prove it! It Minister Mzembi had blundered and said foreign observers from EU and the West would be allowed then he would have been sacked there and then!

What is disappointing here is how easily these MDC politicians are brush-off by Zanu PF ministers.

“Zimbabwe was forced to have the GNU in 2008 to 2013 precisely because no one, I repeat no one, not even the SADC and AU election observers known for approving dodgy elections, would accept the 2008 elections as credible. This is a historic fact! So, do we have here a Minister of Foreign Affairs or someone hell bend on falsifying Zimbabwe’s history?” One of those MDC MPs should have followed up is they were not such a corrupt, incompetent and useless lot.

“Given that not even one democratic reform, to stop a repeat of the blatant vote rigging and wanton violence of 2008, was ever implemented during the GNU or after; there is nothing to stop Zanu PF rigging the elections again. So, Mr Speaker, in a desperate bid for reassurance that next year’s elections will be free, fair and credible; the nation is asking whether foreign observers will be allowed to monitor the elections?

“If the regime is so cock sure about next year’s elections being “credible” then it has nothing to fear from foreigners saying the same thing!”

If the MDC leaders themselves were not such an utterly useless band of banded mongooses they would have implemented the democratic reforms during the GNU. We would not be messing around trying to get foreign election observers in the hope their presence will force Zanu PF to reduce the vote rigging activities.

The banded mongooses should not have contested the 2013 elections with no reforms in place. They were warned by SADC leaders that the elections would be rigged but, of course, they would not listen. After Zanu PF rigged the July 2013 elections one would think Morgan Tsvangirai and company had learned the lesson and would insist on implementing the reforms before the next elections.

Zimbabwe’s opposition banded mongooses, be there from the MDC faction or Zanu PF off shoots, have such a poor memory, they have all forgotten about Zanu PF’s vote rigging expertise and they all gearing to contest next year’s elections still with no reforms in place. Indeed, the MDC MP’s call for foreign election observers to be allowed is just another feeble attempt by the banded mongoose to justify why they are contesting the flawed elections.

“Zimbabwe has the best expertise in conduction credible elections!” Yeah right! Take it ease on the sauce Walter, you got the job! The sheer arrogance of these Zanu PF ministers is insufferable. Of course, they know the banded mongooses will never ever hold them to account for anything; still, they blatant disregard of even historic facts is truly unbearable!

Fearless defender of historic facts.