Mnangagwa Can Be A Better President Than Mugabe, He’s A Smart, Successful Businessman | OPINION

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By Albert Mdabuka | Zimbabweans are tired of eloquent speakers as leaders. We want a business minded leader who has run companies before. EDM is in that category as he has been the one managing ZanuPf companies including all parastatals and helped buy 49% shares in most cooperations to include Delta. Astra and Wankie Colliery. He has vast connections in the West and America than anyone besides Bob.

We needed to have an eloquent speaker like Bob in 1980 for reasons of smooth transition and as a former British colony which had more educated blacks than whites buy working as senior clerks or Personnel officer (Africans) sales manager (African areas) or Public relations manager (African areas).

All these people were verymuch above Bob in terms of social status. They were groomed to takeover running of big multi nationals after independence. Yes it happened especially at (Castle Breweries – Enos Chiura rose very fast from Personnel officer (Africans) to marketing manager for 3 months then Executive advisor from Jan -March1980. By mid March of same year he became MD of chibuku part of Delta Corp