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Terrence Mawawa | The man, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai was demonized for calling for the imposition of sanctions on Harare at the turn of the millennium.

This piece is not in any way a public relations excerpt on behalf of Tsvangirai but rather it is a mere statement of facts.

While Tsvangirai has made his own personal blunders, he is one man who has managed to stretch President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF honchos to the limit.

Many Zimbabweans were convinced that Tsvangirai was to blame for the economic crisis in the country.

Zanu PF politicians took turns to ridicule and taunt Tsvangirai for calling for sanctions against Zimbabwe.

In essence they were not sanctions but restrictive measures against selected Zanu PF mandarins.

In 2008 Tsvangirai won the elections and as some would like to portray, he did not have the guts to take over power.

The same man has also been accused of being too lenient with the wily Mugabe.

After the 2008 Presidential Election Runoff, Tsvangirai was forced to enter into the Government of National Unity simply because the entire nation had been plunged into abyss.

During the GNU dispensation Tsvangirai was attacked by politicians in and out of his party for failing to reign in on Mugabe.

In 2013 Tsvangirai made what could be the worst blunder in his entire political career when he announced he would ‘ finish off ‘ Mugabe’ s Zanu PF in the much anticipated watershed polls that year.Sadly he lost the elections.

Tsvangirai who has been unwell for sometime has remained coy in the wake of the current economic demise and the big question is can he be blamed for the current crisis in the country?

The real culprits who have led to the suffering of millions of Zimbabweans have been exposed.

While Tsvangirai is under pressure to step down there is every reason for him to lead the grand coalition against Mugabe and Zanu PF.