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Staff Reporter| Why does a serious matter like the poisoning of the Vice President of a whole nation remain a secret? Why and under what motive are senior South African doctors hiding the details of this crude crime? And is there a crime? Is there a CIO secret? Expert contributors on the ZimEye LIVEBLAST program have brought up the files.

AnalysisIt is openly known worldwide that upon any evidence of poisoning being noticed by a doctor, the police sirene is sounded. At this point, the South African Police Service would have flashed the horn; but what happened? A jovial Mnangagwa was discharged and flew back home and was yesterday seen disembarking a private jet.

Within 24 hours of Mnangagwa kissing South African soil last Monday, three doctors were struggling to justify why Zimbabwe blew up jet fuel for Mnangagwa with Health Minister David Parirenyatwa failing to pull a sentence while defending this expenditure. Parirenyatwa’s deputy, Paul Chimedza was tucked closely with Mnangagwa in South Africa throughout the period.

Even while still in Zimbabwe Sunday morning, Mnangagwa had been certified jovial. Parirenyatwa said the only reason why he left for South Africa was mere preference.

“This is really to give an update to the country and the nation about the state of the Honourable Vice President Mnangagwa’s health,” he said on Monday 14th August in the video file also published by ZimEye.

He continued saying,  “what I would like to say is that he has much improved. I have just spoken with him. He is quite jovial and he is well, really, but he requested, and we have sent him to be seen by his doctors in South Africa where he is now.”

Mnangagwa’s condition was described as Gastroenteritis, an infection that affects mainly kids and which usually heals off without any medication.

This statement was released way back on Monday, a day after Mnangagwa had landed in South Africa.

5 days later after landing in Zimbabwe, citizens are demanding to know about their Vice President’s health following the twirling rumours that he was poisoned. If this is true, what is the justification such a crude crime has been kept a secret? A UK based lawyer commented saying: “VP Mnangagwa returns to Harare to a power packed schedule amidst reports from the South African Hospital that tests have revealed that there is no evidence that he was poisoned or for that matter ate stale food.

“Noone who was said to be as ill as he was can recover so quickly to a tightly packed program of public appearances as he has done.

“The question that arises is was the VP buying space and time from the storm that was brewing over the Blue Ocean Strategy document?

“What about the revelations by Bvumavaranda Technocrat? These questions must now be answered by the VP as they plainly cannot be swept under the carpet.