Zimbabwe elections a militarised form of authoritarianism – analyst

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A political analyst Pedzisai Ruhanya has described the Zimbabwean electoral process as a militarised authoritarianism.

“The Zimbabwean electoral problem fits well in what is conceptualized as machinations of a Competitive Electoral Authoritarianism or put more vividly, a militarized form of electoral authoritarianism founded on a serious synthesis of ZANU-PF and the security forces,” he said.

“This despotic concoction has been generously dispersed across key state institutions that are looked upon by citizens for credible and acceptable elections such as the judiciary, legislature, executive and ultimately ZEC so that the decisive authority of the people’s vote is neutralized. Forthcoming publication (Empirical Audit of the Zimbabwean Electoral Problem: Inside ZANU-PF Gerrymandering).”