Mugabe tears into prophecy-crazed Zimbos – DailyNews

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HARARE – President Robert Mugabe has slammed Zimbabweans for trooping to Nigeria to seek prophecies.

During his address at a youth rally in Gwanda yesterday, Mugabe said people should desist from being duped by prophets.

His remarks come as scores of Zimbabweans, including senior government officials, have flocked to prominent prophets’ churches, seeking spiritual intervention.

“Beware of these prophets who also double as thieves. They will convince you with their very sweet-tongue. When you congregate at these big venues, be careful of what they really want. The end result is them siphoning your hard-earned money under guise of seeding. Do not fall victim to the talk of seeding your money so that it multiplies at church. It will be lost while you sleep.

“Instead, go to traditional churches like myself. The old churches that have built schools like Tegwane, Kutama and Waddilove. Do they not help? Some of you have cracked heels now because of going to Nigeria to seek divine assistance. Read and interpret the Bible yourself.

“It is even a pity that some of my ministers flock to these charismatic churches,” Mugabe said.