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By Ndaba Nhuku | Just a day ago he threatened resigning on the basis of feeling that he was being targeted, undermined and all sorts of political charlatanism. Well he didn’t resign, and he didn’t have to. Zanu PF is his home where all liberation fighters and pretenders want to die ‘playing their role of building and looting Zimbabwe they fought for.’ Today his supporters are telling us that he has been poisoned in an attempt to assassinate him! IN CAPITAL LETTERS; THIS IS BULL****!! Why?

No one would poison a VIP,  let alone a Vice President at a rally where everyone knows who has offered who a drink, or served him his food. Its easily traceable even by Border Gezi youths, let alone our no nonsense ZRP officers! Politicians should not take us for granted, or worse, for idiots. Mnangagwa is simply cornered in Zanu PF and now wants to solicit national sympathy by playing the victim. He is not a victim at all. Mnangagwa is using this stunt to gauge his support from Zimbabweans and the security forces. Who at this point would bother or be brave enough to want to kill a potential president. Everyone knows who his rivals are, so why would anyone want to kill him as it would be obvious that fingers will be pointed at certain individuals, as is the case now?

Politicians love soliciting for the masses’ sympathy by pretending to be victims. At times it works, Khuphe just did it last week but she forgot to show us the video of her assault. Many have done it. Mnangagwa is no exception, he has done it to see if indeed he can get the sympathy and support as a victim and use it to try to force Mugabe out before elections.

Some nutters are threatening war if Mnangagwa dies? Really? So stupid and forgetful we are not!! When Rex Mujuru died in an inferno of blazing fire, fingers were pointed at the Mnangagwa team. There was an outpouring of sympathy for the widowed Joice Mujuru as a political victim. Mnangagwa thinks he can get the same sympathy and use it to launch his own Umvukela against his Boss? Mujuru was soon after thrown out of Zanu PF with Ngwena being installed in her place. When Mujuru died, did anyone threaten any war? How many people have died with Mnangangwa’s name being whispered, at the encouragement of his supporters? Hundreds!! I will not mention Gukurahundi that made him be a feared man in Zimbabwe.

As far as I am concerned, it appears Mnangagwa is just a coward afraid of confronting President Robert Mugabe directly about the succession issue. His pretending to have been poisoned to get our sympathy and use it as a tool to overthrow his own Boss should not be accepted or entertained.

I am surprised that his own supporters who have all along been painting as a cunning politician want to make him appear like a sissy political victim. Is the man painted as cunning, a calm strategist who wont hesitate to murder now seen as a pathetic political victim anyone can poison so easily? Is the man painted as a murderer also afraid of death? Is he now a wimping sissy? Mnangagwa’s supporters have badly painted him as an insensitive murderer and even celebrated Prof Moyo’s child’s death that they made appear as a Ngwena hit in revenge for being mocked by Jonathan Moyo. At no point did Mnangagwa ever try to tell off his supporters about painting him so badly. So why should we believe that the man painted as a murderer would have some weaklings want to poison him in the presence of hundreds of people? Does it add up? No!! Please manufacture a better lie to solicit our sympathies.

The sense of entitlement, and subsequent failure to accelerate and automatically get the trophy will cause high blood pressure and nausea that will send many to their premature death. Zimbabweans should desist turning Harare into a gossip capital city. Whenever a politician faces some personal problem, don’t just look for a political cause.