Mnangagwa Didn’t Eat Gushungo Dairy Yoghurt

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A Correspondent| President Robert Mugabe’s nephew, Jason Zhuwao says Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa did not eat anything during the Mugabe Youth Interface rally yesterday; not even Gushungo Dairy yoghurt.

Writing on his social networking portal, Zhuwao said the VP was never served either food or drink while he watched. Zhuwao went to the extent of declaring that there was no assassination attempt on Mnangagwa.

Below was his full text: “Firstly I was seated closely by to notice that none of our VIP’s where served food during the time. (NO ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT HERE)

2. None of the presidential caterers served the VP food nor snacks, this is in our video footage record.

3. For the record, no information official, not in the President’s office nor ZANU PF issued any statement suspecting foul play.

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