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A 56-YEAR-OLD man from Njube in Bulawayo appeared in court last week for allegedly raping two sisters aged nine and 13 on several occasions and he also fondled their friend aged eight after which he threatened to kill them if they disclosed the abuse to anyone.

The man would lure the minors with cash and chips.

Thamsanqa Masoka, raped the nine-year old girl from December last year to March this year. He then raped her 13-year-old sister on two occasions.

Masoka appeared before Bulawayo regional magistrate Mr Joseph Mabeza facing three counts of rape.

He pleaded not guilty and was remanded to tomorrow for continuation of trial.

For the State, Mr Tinashe Dzipe told the court that on 14 March, Masoka met the nine-year-old juvenile and her friend at Soraidema Shopping Centre and lured them to his house.

At the house, the court heard, Masoka then fondled the girl’s breasts and private parts before raping her once without using a condom. He then fondled the girl’s friend.

The court heard how Masoka would lure the the child with money and chips such that she ended up visiting him regularly.

Mr Dzipe said Masoka also raped the sister of the nine-year-old girl when she was coming from school in February last year.

“He called the girl to his house stating that he wanted to teach her how to switch on a gas stove. He then pushed the girl to the floor, and raped her without using protection,” he said.

Masoka then raped the girl again on the following day when she was coming from school. He gave her 50 cents to buy her silence.

The matter was reported to the police in Njube after the girl’s teacher realised the child’s absenteeism and reported the matter to the headmaster who after questioning the child discovered that she had been raped.

Medical reports were produced in court as evidence.

Meanwhile, a 59-year old Plumtree man raped a seven-year-old girl several times and threatened to kill her if she revealed what had happened.

Sayi Sibanda of Alpha appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Mr Chrispen Mberewere on Thursday facing three counts of rape. He was not asked to plead and Mr Mberewere remanded him in custody to 22 August.

For the State, Mr Busani Moyo told the court that sometime in April 2017 during school holidays, the juvenile was playing alone at Sibanda’s place, when he called her into his bedroom.

Sibanda made her lie on the bed and raped her once. After the act, he gave her 10 cents and told her to buy some jiggies and threatened to kill her if she revealed the matter to anyone.

He repeated the act on other day. Later that month, Sibanda again lured the girl into his bedroom claiming that he wanted to send her on an errand to her friend’s mother. He then raped her once and again gave her 10 cents to buy her silence.

On that same month, the girl visited her grandmother in Figtree where the grandmother observed that she was limping and upon questioning her, she revealed that she had been raped.

The grandmother phoned the girl’s mother informing her about the matter.

The juvenile’s mother confronted her daughter over the issue and she confirmed that she was raped by Sibanda leading to a police report and his subsequent arrest.

The juvenile was referred to Plumtree District Hospital where she was medically examined.- state media