Grace Mugabe And Joice Mujuru’s Boys In Another FB Tiff

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The apple never falls far from the tree as the old adage says. This is true when it comes to the Mujuru family. Recently Wellence Mujuru, son to the former VP Joice Mujuru announced on social media that he would like to contest in the upcoming 2018 general elections.

 ‘Welly’ as he is affectionately known, took to facebook to inform the public of his intentions to run for a parliamentary seat in the upcoming year. His manifesto seems to be centered on the youth as he is a young man himself as he believes he has fresh ideas.

As expected, the news was met with mixed feelings by his follows with some of them quickly making their feelings known on the matter. The president’s son Robert Jnr threw a dig at Wellence calling it a joke of the century. while some users quickly rallied behind the young man with encouragement.

The two boys, Robert Jnr and Wellence have quite a colorful past on the social media as they have been engaged in bitter facebook wars mostly over their parents’s political differences. One user was quick to reminisce on the issue suggesting that Robert Junior should gun for the same position as well. Robert Junior quickly declared that he doesn’t do politics but he supports his father and Wellence won’t win.

We think the boys should do let the real adults handle the political arena and curb their ambitions for now. Political careers are not created overnight. – Iharare