Harare City Council Director Investigated for Allegedly Defrauding Marondera Of Cash, Property

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Harare City council director of housing and social development, Mr Edmore Nhekairo is being investigated by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) for allegedly defrauding Marondera Town Council of money, residential and commercial property.

The development follows the Marondera Council initiating a report to the ZAAC which states in part: Mr Nhekairo fraudulently stole more than 50 cattle belonging to council of Marondera, which he was convicted of and had to pay back in form of cash. Mr Nhekairo fraudulently sold gumtrees in the Hunyani Farm that was given to council and he converted all the proceeds to his personal use and was called to appear before a council hearing over the matter.

Mr Nhekairo fraudulently sold Atherstone residential stands to his mother-in-law and began to sell residential stands as if his mother-in-law was the one developing them yet he was behind all this.

The state media copy further alleges Nhekairo allocated himself stands in Rusike Phase 3, which were designated for a nightclub (stand number 93), shop (94), butchery (95), a new building (107), a wholesale (231); a bottle store (232) at Gombe Shopping Centre; Gomba beerhall (39) and stand number 40 for a bottle store at Nyameni Shopping Centre.