Slavery In Ghana On Rampage

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When Whites complain about Blacks the way they are managing their own affairs, they get reminded of Slavery of the past. Really…the past?

As reported in the Media on 17.07.2017, GIS has intercepted 1510 girls. In Volta Region and across Ghana, girls and boys are trafficked for as low as GHC 40 (Euros 10) to work in the fishery industry and other sectors to be mishandled for small food and shelter given. Slavery of the past was not possible by Blacks being involved as no Whites dared to go into the Hinterland to capture any Black Man but waited on the Sea Shore to buy Slaves from the hands of the Blacks themselves. Without the involvement of the Blacks, Slavery would have never been possible.

As much as the crimes committed by Whites during the Slave trade, Slavery has been condemned and abolished in the world of the White Man, while in Ghana and other parts of Africa, it is still very much visible in daily life. 60 years after independence that the Blacks have their country in their own hands, slavery is still not eradicated. To see small boys in canoes going out on Lake Volta engaging in hard labour, instead of learning in schools for their future, is hard breaking; but still seems to be a ‘normal’ thing to do regardless of the many voices raised. It is still very present in the African spirit.

Slavery is a matter of tradition, ignorance of human rights, and more so, poverty. While in developed countries parents unable to cater for their offspring, give their children into the hands of caring institutions and individuals, in Ghana they are sold like Kenkey and Fufu with no regrets on the side of the parents. As the poverty in Ghana is on the increase, now and in years to come, it is a realistic scenario that more and more children fall into slavery.

In 2015 one witch camp was closed by the Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, leaving up to date 6 such camps with 400-800 suspected witches in each facility still in existence and the willingness in some communities to lynch such women in day light.

Across Europe, burning witches or even suspecting women to be one, had been eradicated from the spirit of Europeans for hundreds of years. Ending slavery in USA had caused a civil war among Whites with finally ending the practices of slavery in 1866, while full equal rights (on paper) were granted during the second half of last century only.

Prophet Emmanual Badu Kobi, Glorious Wave Church Int., Sakumono, during Church Service on 16.07.2017 stated when all Ghanaians, including himself, would come to Germany and all Germans would be transferred to Ghana, less than 2 years down the line Germany would be ruined…a statement heard over and over again in Ghana…so true and sad! South Africa got its independence from the White Man, yet is still not free but has enslaved itself in its own thinking. As the Prophet stated rightly, it was a mistake by former Prez. Busia of Ghana to have taken out the White from the system instead of step-by-step adapting to the new freedom given and learning from the Whites leaving him in key positions of the Administrations with a clear defined new mandate.

South Rhodesia, today Zimbabwe, 30 years ago was a food exporting country, a food basket. Today Prez. Robert Mugabe cannot feed his own people making up to 2, 5 Mio. People in the South of the country stave towards death. He killed white farmers or forced them to leave to replace them with former land owner’s decedents that had no idea about farming. Ideology combined with Black mentality is killing Zimbabweans for nothing. Namibia is a much better example of how best to strategize a transition period from Whites to Blacks.

While Whites seem to have learned from their mistakes committed in the past, Africans continue the path of the past with an unchanged spirit.

The world has become a Global Village, people travel, ideas are exchanged in a rapid pace, learning has become much easier thanks to the internet, yet in African not learning on behavior side has persisted. As we are all humans, in modern times of the 21 century it should be normal that Blacks and Whites work together for the GOOD of mankind; and when a White Man is more qualified to perform in a certain function, President, Minister, Government Official (after all to be a President is only a job and not a life or death issue), they should be given the mandate. When disappointing a Nation, they should be asked to leave again as it is done in professional Football on Club and National Team level where colour, race, belief and Citizenship does not matter; only qualification and benefit for the Nations and Clubs are the basis for contracts signed with players and coaches.

What is possible in Football, why should it not also apply to Nations?

Author: Dipl.-Pol. Karl-Heinz Heerde, Sakumono, Tema West, Ghana, phone +233(0)265078287, [email protected] , 17.07.2017