MDC-T has failed Harare residents, says Chamisa

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MDC-T vice president Nelson Chamisa has conceded his party has failed residents in the City of Harare as the bulk of the party’s Councillors cannot discharge their mandates, hence the poor service delivery.

While articulating the functions of Councillors to people in his constituency, Chamisa, who is legislator for Kuwadzana, says the problems of failed lighting, poor sanitation and bad roads highlight some of the failures of Harare Councillors, the bulk of whom are from the MDC-T party.

He said the city is experiencing such low service delivery due to Councillors who fail to understand their roles.

The gathering saw the party also endorsing the biometric voter registration process.

The MDC-T leadership’s admission that its Councillors have failed to address service delivery issues testify to the agenda to discredit the ruling government by deliberately disregarding their duties so that residents are subjected to poor service delivery and blame the government.