Makandiwa Church Cause Havoc At Herald Building In Protest Over Story Expose

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Staff Reporter| Followers of the controversial preacher, Emmanuel Makandiwa caused havoc at Herald House last Thursday when they stormed the media company’s property in retaliation for a story in the Sunday Mail of the previous week. The story exposes the preacher and his organisation for among other things “duping a couple” of over a million dollars of their money, and also creating a police case on fake charges to in order incriminate the same couple, Upenyu and Blessing Mashangwa.

Journalists had to run for cover when throngs of the man’s supporters created the scare at the building amid protests using what they termed blasphemy against the man of God.

While a comment from the Zimpapers PR Beatrice Tonhodzai could not be obtained at the time of writing, staffers said the protesters were threatening. They however asked not to be quoted saying only senior officers are allowed. ZimEye is today following up on the story. Community concerns are that Makandiwa followers who have “never reacted angrily when for instance Education Minister Lazarus Dokora banned the Bible in schools and shut down voluntary club Scripture Union last year, would yet explode not for “God,” but simply for their prophet, a mere human being,” as one pastor commented saying last month.

Makandiwa’s spokesman Prime Kufa was unavailable for comment.

More to follow…