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HARARE – All Harare municipal employees will soon be wearing work uniforms after a full Council resolution to implement a new dress code.

This comes as Harare City Council human capital director Cainos Chingombe has complained that some employees dressing was inappropriate.

According to human resources committee minutes, Chingombe said in the 90s, all council workers wore a uniform supplied by the employer.

“ . . . the years uniforms had gradually been phased out and employees had reverted back to wearing formal plain clothes which were deemed inappropriate for their positions and duties,” he said.

He argued that corporate dress code gave employees a corporate identity and also ensured maintenance of appropriate dressing at work.

The introduction of dress codes coincides with the implementation in March of a government dress code requiring all civil servants and visitors to government premises to dress appropriately, barring the wearing of mini-skirts and sleeveless tops and collar and tie for men.