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 BY Hon R M Simango, OPINION | Today it’s Zimbabwe’s Independence Day and on this very day of this month in 1980, we took our Democratic Independence from Ian Daglous Smith (white man) to Robert Mugabe (black man). BUT the big unanswered question in Zimbabwe is,  “Are we democratically Independent from what we fought for?

JoyceIt was a special day to Zimbabweans across the globe and we wholeheartedly welcomed Mugabe as our first Black President but unfortunately, Mugabe overstayed his welcome. Mugabe and his clueless failed Zanu-Pf Government used all strategies to remain in Zimbabwe Government when Zimbabweans rejected them in 2002, 2008 voting for MDC-T and also when Zanu-PF hijacked the People’s wish and Nikved the 2013 elections .

Any form of political freedom which doesn’t touch on the proper distribution of Zimbabwe’s Wealth is meaningless. Zanu-PF own the minerals, they own farms but the country and its citizens are starving, begging from Zambia and other neighbouring countries.

Land and Democratic Freedom is what our brothers and sisters fought for and that’s what they died for. The current Zanu-P F political and socio-economic is full of racial and partisan which is the system that was oppressing us and used us for cheap labour and stole our resources to enrich themselves and fought against that system. Now its Mugabe and his clueless failed Zanu-PvF Government enriching themselves, together with their Chinese and their Look East Policy.

Mugabe is the same as Smith as he inherited the brutality, raping, killing and abduction of innocent Zimbabweans like what they did to Itai Dzamara and a number of MDC-T supporters. AIPA and POSA is still operative today and operating under the banner of ZimAssets and Indignazation and Empowerment ( modern name )

The land, clean water, electricity, schools, decent jobs, better infrastructures, good roads, better healthcare is what we fought for. Land was what the war of the 70s was all about Mr Mugabe, maybe someone within Zanu-P F must remind them.

Things in Zimbabwe aren’t what they should be at this juncture as we celebrate  37 years of Independence. Zimbabweans have to speak out but if they choose not to and these ruthless, heartless Zanu PF hooligans will just bury their heads in the sand and quickly blame Opposition Political Parties especially MDC-T. The peopleof Zimbabwe should speak out without fear of anyone if Zimbabwe is a democratic country and it’s the people’s duty and right to say out their concerns as citizens.

Just to remind you fellow Democrats, we did we hear well what Mugabe said when he was taking oath of Office on this day, what most of us heard from him is no true reflection of what he is  doing now. What we are experiencing today is the exact opposite of his words he said in 1980.

To you fellow Zimbabweans today I’m saying, Zimbabwe isn’t Independent under Mugabe’s Government because there’s no  Independence without Democratic Freedom. We the Democrats are still fighting for Zimbabwe’s Independence and Freedom.

Fellow Democrats, let’s keep on putting more immense political and socio-economic pressure to these ruthless and  heartless Zanu-Pf hooligans until we bring the Democratic Freedom that our brothers and sisters fought for.

United we Win, Divided we Fall

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