Zimbabwe needs a leader with a pure heart

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I would like to gaze into the future and look at what Zimbabwe could become as a nation. I would also like to offer a few suggestions for the road ahead to help her reach her God ordained destiny. Iam not an expert in macro economics nor trained with skill sets to understand the miances of geo politics. I will leave the nation building to those that are more experienced than myself. Through history I have discovered that sometimes experts get it wrong. I believe this is due to their gross misunderstanding and underestimation of the power of the human heart and it’s penchant evil. After years of working with people of different cultures and religions, I understood the human soul and it’s motivations. I know unequivocally that, having the best education, experience and economic plan does not guarantee success. Unless those bricks are laid on a foundation of humble and teachable heart, which has been rid of selfishness, they will fail everytime.

I have witnessed over the decades how our over confidence in what we think we know has been repeatedly humbled. The history books have recorded one failure after another by well intentioned international organizations and governments, trying to make the world a better place. Why is that? I believe that nomatter how noble the cause, when the human heart has not been brought under control, corruption sweeps in like a flood, destroying our noblest of intentions. God knows the human heart better than anyone else. Through Jesus he taught mankind how to purify it. We have to understand that faith based humanitarian initiatives are far more effective than government run programmes. Why do I say so? Because those that run Christian faith based relief organizations typically aren’t motivated by money but by compassion and principles built on integrity. The first President of the United States, George Washington once said,”it is impossible to rightfully govern a nation without God and the bible. ” Washington understood that unless the human heart has been brought under the influence of a higher power, held to a higher standard, and ultimately accountable to God, the wickedness hidden in our hearts would run wild. Power and money are two keys that can unlock the selfish beast within. Only the grace of God can subdue it or slay it. The story of Zimbabwe has been painful and tragic. Once again history has repeated itself and those that are innocent and powerless are it’s victims.

Mankind’s last for power and wealth blinds him to the truth. The West has set this terrible Zimbabwean tragedy in motion by its own arrogance and greed. They created the demeaning and oppressive environment that fueled the anger that Robert Mugabe and many of his revolutionary friends fed on. Arrogance and greed are no respectors of skin colour..Sadly now the liberators are the oppressors, as they furiously fight to hang on to power by any means necessary. They cannot fathom why the people of Zimbabwe want change because they are delusional in their self importance. They are blinded by their ideology which has become their god. They are willing to sacrifice their own people to it and on their madness believe that the people should gladly embrace it for good of the cause. Their ideology masks a deeper more diabolical evil. Ideology is not the real issue, but power is. While African leaders were elected into democratic office of the President, they quickly disassembled governments run by the will of the people, to governments ruled by Kings and tribal Chiefs. Few stood in their way and in most cases the people supported them as they too wanted a King. We voted for the evil Robert Mugabe in 1980 but Samuel in the bible had predicted thousands of years ago that the Kings will turn their people into slaves. The people of Zimbabwe cry out daily to God for deliverance as they watch their country deteriorate into chaos due to corrupt mismanagement. They want a radical change. While it’s true that the nation is in its darkest hour, I believe that there is hope. We all need to register and vote. Whether it’s going to be biometric or not, just make sure you encourage your son, daughter, brother, sister, mother, father and friends to register and vote against this tyrannical government of Zanu PF and it’s 93 year old leader. For many years it has been my conviction that God has a unique destiny for the people Zimbabwe. 37 years ago we got the deliverance we badly wanted but made a horrible mistake and chose a false god. We had to live with this choice for decades. That god consumed all our land, our food, our shelter,our children and left us barren. We were deceived. Zimbabwe is standing at cross roads to destiny. The choices her people make now will determine their fate for another generation or more. Their choices are not as Robert Mugabe states, between black independence and white imperialism. Their choices are between those values that Jesus taught, which establish the Kingdom of God in the heart of men and the values that rule their world, ie greed, jealousy and self ambition. One brings peace and prosperity and the other brings death and destruction.

When I look across the table from many African friends, I see men and women who want the very same things I do. They want better health, security, and the opportunity to provide for their families. They want to live in peace and grow old with their children and grandchildren. While on the outside we look quite different, on the inside we are identical. I am convinced that the principal of diversity in harmony is one of the most powerful foundation stones that the Kingdom of God is built upon. I also believe that it’s the key to peace in any nation. Many people died for this country, they put their lives on the line for you and me. Whether black or white, shona or Ndebele, I am asking you,  the people of Zimbabwe to not let the blood of our fallen heroes be shed in vain. I believe that God has a devine plan for Zimbabwe and that she must discover it for herself.

We must be more concerned with what is right than who is right. We must check our egos and be less concerned with what we get out this journey and be more concerned with what the people and God get out of this. This is what is killing the birth of the Grand Coalition of the opposition parties because they are more concerned with who will lead than what the coalition can achieve. God is looking for a leader with a good heart. In the end men and women who can embrace the pureness of a good heart will definitely be favoured by God and lead Zimbabwe to prosperity. Let me conclude by saying, Silence in the face of evil is evil itself. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak and not to act is to act. The choice is yours. Another Zimbabwe is definitely possible

Tendai Mazenge, PDP Secretary for Policy, Harare Province. [email protected]

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