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The threatened eviction of people from Arnold Farm by First Lady Grace Mugabe to expand her business empire, is not only shocking but disturbing and malicious.

By Pardon Maguta,Our Reader

A devastated villager mourns after his huts were razed at Manzou Farm (file)

A devastated villager mourns after his huts were razed at Manzou Farm (file)

If this is indeed true, this is really bad news. A couple of years ago families were booted off their land; their houses razed down and crops destroyed at Manzou Farm for the First Lady to keep wild animals.

With the government policy of one man, one farm one wonders why some people continue to smash and grab more farms?
The continuous internal displacement of people to satisfy the insatiable desire of a few powerful individuals is not good for our democracy, and so-called fast-track land reform and indigenisation.

It buttresses the fact that some people are more equal than others.

Beneficiaries of all government programmes must be equally protected by the State and our legal systems. The land reform has always been labelled a political gimmick by sceptics.

By threatening or trying to evict Arnold Farm occupants, the First Family and Lands ministry officials are proving the sceptics right.

The First Family already have their Gushungo Farm and must stick to that one.

Of course we hear they have numerous farms, but this latest attempt to acquire another is the most amazing and damaging to their status and legacy.

The First Family must lead by example. In this case they are setting a very bad example.

If they can not uphold the one family one farm policy how will the President stop his party members, ministers, government officials, securocrats etc from owning multiple farms?

The best the First Lady must do is to “Stop It”. Stop it now.

As the “mother of the nation” people look up to her. As leader of the ruling Zanu PF Women’s League people expect her to protect families and children.

But the opposite is happening. Children are moving from one school to another to satisfy one family. Homes are being razed for some people to expand their business empire.

These families will add on to the list of charity cases, as they are being forcibly moved in the middle of a farming season.

This has to come to an end. The land question must be resolved once and for all. No more playing with people’s lives by constantly shifting them.