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Build Zimbabwe Alliance convenor Noah Manyika has said if elected in next year’s general elections, his government will slash public spending by reducing ministries to 14 and create the position of only one Vice-President while cutting the number of MPs to the pre-2013 levels.

BY Everson Mushava

Addressing journalists in Harare yesterday, Manyika said although he supported the mooted coalition against President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF in next year’s elections, members to lead the envisaged alliance should be subjected to public scrutiny and appointed on merit.

Apart from engendering economic development focused on land rationalisation, Manyika said his government would
restore the rule of law, depoliticise State security establishments and implement a radical business recovery plan.

He also promised to structure a new indigenisation policy that is pro-development while supporting international partners for an economic recovery plan, launch a rural and agricultural recovery plan and deploy business-
savvy diplomats for foreign missions who can negotiate the best business deals for the country.

He blasted the Zanu PF government for accessing all the luxuries it wanted at the expense of the nation.

“Zimbabwe deserves leaders who want for the least of us what they want for themselves,” Manyika said.

“The reason things don’t get fixed in our country is because the leader and their families have alternatives. They can always get medical treatment elsewhere. Their loved ones don’t die waiting for an ambulance that never shows up, or because they are being refused treatment because they don’t have money to pay upfront.”

He added: “They live in exclusive communities, they don’t have to put up with sewage flowing in the streets, or power cuts, or not having drinking water in their homes. They don’t suffer the indignity 37 years after independence of squatting in a Blair toilet like most Zimbabweans who live in the rural communities and an increasing number of people living in the townships.”

Manyika said Zimbabwe deserved a government that will deliver.

“Self-serving talks among politicians about who is going to occupy what position does not do Zimbabwe well,” he said in reference to the formation of an opposition coalition.