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SIX victims of the horrific accident which occurred along the Bulawayo-Gwanda Road last week, including the body of the boy they were taking to Masvingo for burial, were yesterday laid to rest at West Park Cemetery in Bulawayo.


This came as one more family member who had survived the accident, reportedly died yesterday, bringing to 14 the number of people who perished in the mishap.

Thirteen people died on the spot when the kombi they were travelling in was crushed by a haulage truck which lost control after hitting a pothole. The commuter omnibus was pulling a trailer with the body of Hopewell Masukume (14) for burial in Masvingo.

Kenny Sibanda, the father of five of the buried victims and Masukume’s grandfather, said he would have to take care of his children’s offspring.

“My children have died and they did not have their own houses. I don’t know what to do now as I am supposed to take the entire burden and look after them,” Sibanda said.

“Some of my grandchildren left behind are still young and others will soon have to go to school. It’s now a challenge to me as it is difficult to take care of a large family. I am asking for help to take care of my remaining grandchildren.”

He thanked Bulawayo City Council for providing free graves to the family.

Sibanda said one of the victims, a neighbour at his rural home, was yet to be buried.

He said government had pledged to help him during this time of loss.

“The government pledged to help and I am yet to go to Mhlahlandlela and hear if there is anything so far,” Sibanda said.

The 14th accident victim who died yesterday was a sister to Sibanda.

Nketa/Mganwini MP Phelela Masuku said potholes were a continuous death trap to the people.

“Since you are telling us about the issue of potholes, we as parliamentarians will take the issue to the top and we hope they will listen and give us a positive response,” he said.