Transparency International Zimbabwe (TIZ) accused of corruption, nepotism and abuse of funds

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Transparency Zimbabwe International, an anti-corruption watchdog has been accused by one of its former employees and journalist Byron Adonis Mutirampantof rampart corruption. In an article entitled  “SHOCKING CORRUPTION AT TIZ: A PERSONAL EXPERIENCE” Mutingwede accused the organisation of practising tribalism, cronyism and nepotism among other social ills.

Part of his article reads:

I had always heard through rumours that getting work at TIZ was an uphill task. There were rumours that Annatolia Chimunye, the most senior employee who joined the organisation soon after its inception in 1996 was a mastermind of nepotism, cronyism and tribalism.

The article accuses TZI officials of inflating the numbers of people attending field work activiities in order to claim more cash. He also accuses TZI of officials of claiming venue fees, when in fact they would have used free venues:

They bought refreshments, ostensibly to feed many people during the meetings (say for 75 to 100) people yet most of the time, only 15 to 20 people would turn up for the meetings. The rest of the refreshments would be given to people passing by near the venue. The rationale behind buying more food is to paint a picture that there will be many attendees so that the officers would inflate the number of field cash received forms.

In addition to that, the officers would charge venue fees of between $20 to $50 even when such meetings were held at council offices or church buildings for free.

Annatolia Chimunye has also been accused of engaging her relatives and friends to run TZI’s social media sites so that they can make money from the organisation:

To widen the revenue base for her cronies, Annatolia Chimunye tasked Sean Innocent Ukomba and Happy Mare to run the social media sites for TIZ. The two guys are responsible for running TIZ’s Twitter and Facebook accounts in exchange for huge sums of allowances every month. On Facebook they have less than 3000 generic followers and the rest are sponsored members. The TIZ Twitter account has a pathetically low number of followers.

TIZ responded with:

The TIZ is is posession of the statement circualting on social media. If there is anything warranting investigation, an investigation will be conducted and if need be a statement will be issued in due course.

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