Patson Dzamara says is a professional, denies allegations he using Itai's fate to get donor money

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PATSON DZAMARA, brother to Itai who disappeared nearly two years ago, said he is disheartened to hear some people claiming that he is making money out of his brother’s fate.

Itai was abducted by five unidentified men on the 9th of March 2015 at a barber shop in GlenView suburb after his famous Occupy Africa Unity Square campaign against President Robert Mugabe. Nothing has been heard from him since.

At one point, Itai delivered a petition at Mugabe’s Munhumutapa offices encouraging him to step down “immediately” and pave way for a process of engagement involving all national stakeholders towards the establishment of a new administration.

Speaking to, Patson said it was shocking and depressing to hear claims that he was living large from donor’s funds allegedly paid to him to keep on protesting under the pretext of demanding that his brother be brought back.

“I am a professional, I am an author, I am a consultant and I do have another life elsewhere. And guess what my participation in activism has impacted negatively even on my other life,” said Patson.

He added, “In other words I was not and I am not a loafer; when I participate in activism or anything to do with the citizens of Zimbabwe claiming their voice and their space in the way the country is run, it’s not because I have run out of something to do, No.”

“It’s because I am really too passionate and am in love with this nation such that I cannot afford to remain silent when people like Mugabe are dragging the country to their graves.”

Commenting on the day he stood in front of Mugabe and thousands of Zimbabweans at the National Sports Stadium holding a placard demanding that the president bring back his brother, Patson said he was forced into doing so by the actions of the government.

Patson has also written a book about the disappearance of his brother titled ‘Forced to Fight’.  

He said, “I can say I was forced to fight, because of what we have gone through as a family. You get to a point where you feel like you have lost something, a part of you, you get to a point where you feel like some very important facet of your being has been killed and I have always said that you cannot kill a dead person.”

“I do believe that whenever I must take a stand against oppression, whenever I take a stand against misrule, I will do that unapologetically.”


However Patson ruled out the idea of him contesting for a parliamentary seat in the 2018 general election, saying he will only participate as a voter and voting for change and a new Zimbabwe.

To date, he has published 7 books with the first published in 2011.

Some of his books are The Winning Team, Dimensional Leadership, Finish What You Start, The Anatomy of Process, The Development Matrix, Dear Miss Dear Mister.