A new Zimbabwe is possible

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With only a few days to celebrate the Christmas holiday, only a few people will enjoy this holiday the majority of people are struggling to make ends meet and put a decent meal on the table and some have even cut their daily meals due to the unavailability of money to buy food.

Life has become so tough, our youths are just jobless and hopeless. There are no any signs of economic revival as we enter 2017. Its foolhardy to believe the propaganda and unsubstantiated statements from the state media that the economy is on the recovery path. Its a shame to read such kind of news from state propagandist when the economy is in its reeling and spiralling downward mode.

Our agriculture industry has not been spared as inputs prices have been beyond the reach of many rural farmers. The food security is in a limbo. Our people have endured such kind of hardships for long and cannot continue like this anymore. We are still in darkness on what really transpired to the diamond which at one time promised to revive our economy. Everybody thought the gems were going to benefit all the people.

Our health sector is in a pathetic state. When I visited a local clinic in Harare , what I saw was disheartening. A man wriggling in pain, struggling to walk and there was no one to attend him. The poor are ending up being victims. Moral is very low within the health workers. Everything is crumbling down.

Corruption is so rampant and the President is failing to rein in errant government officials and ministers who are deliberately breaking the laws of the country. Funds are being siphoned from government coffers but no action is taken. Our roads are in poor state but everyday the government is collecting toll gates.

Unfortunately the recently held 16th Zanu PF Annual National People’s Conference in Masvingo was just as good as a talk show with nothing tangible deliberated on issues to do with the economy. It was solely on succession matters which have nothing to do with the ordinary person in the street.

We have a dysfunctional and disconnected government which is not attached to it’s umbilical cord the people. We are just fed up with their dubious economic policies which have failed the test of time and are not in sync with the reality on the ground. Our government has nothing new to offer. I think the youths should gain the ground and determine the political trajectory of this country. The so called tried and tested leaders have dismally failed to improve the economic and political challenges facing the country.

This political blockbuster needs academics, pastors, churches, students unions, vendors and political activists to put their heads together and come out with an alternative to bring back the lost hope. Even the introduction of the surrogate bond notes will not ease or solve the deep economic morass in which we are.

The mushrooming of over fifty opposition political parties in the country, is a sign that people are tired of this current government and are inching for change. This should send a signal to Zanu PF that their days in the office are now numbered.

We have so far witnessed a newly formed political party Zimbabwe Partners for Prosperity (ZIPP) launched in South Africa whose President is Blessing Kasiyamhuru and more are coming in 2017. These opposition political parties are just fighting for a change and they must be given an opportunity to do so. There is no more time for mourning on what Zanu PF is doing to the people but it’s time for action and say enough is enough. We have a long way to finish this struggle and there is need for opposition political parties to unite in this do or die 2018 election encounter. The ruling party cannot stop or suppress the wave of change this time around.

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